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Cloud based services

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Consulting Services

Design first, develop after

Custom Web Applications

Creating web applications based on custom requirements

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Thot-Soft 2002 Ltd. is a Hungarian software solution provider company founded in 2002. The company is dedicated to provide high quality services to its partners. The company is located in Szeged, Hungary.

The services provided by the company are:

  • Development of Enteprise application (Java, C/C++ programmng language, Linux, Windows or one of Cloud platforms)
  • Development of Enteprise Web applications
  • Development of business mobile applications to all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows mobile, etc.)
  • Software development design and consulting services
  • Development of the one-/two way data synchronization solutions between mobile applications and centralized database servers
  • Software development outsourcing.

If you need an application that you do not want to install on any client machine or mobile device, but need to be accessible from anywhere, then the Web application is the best solution for you.

To access the web application you need nothing more than an internet browser that runs even on your smartphone. If you are thinking of such a unique application developed according to your needs, we can help you with that.

Our staff has more then fifteen years of experience in creating robust 24/7 web applications that you can install on your own server or in the cloud at some cloud provider.



The cloud services are available for anyone. It is not a privilege of the big companies anymore. With selecting and fine tuning the right service(s) for your goal a significant cost and resource saving can be achieved. 

Our company can help You, in case:

  • You want to create a private cloud with your servers in order to use them more effectively; 
  • You want to migrate your new or already existing service to some cloud service provider; 
  • You want to revise your already existing infrastracture in the cloud in order to achieve more cost and resource saving;.
  • You want to automatize the testing of your mobile applications on the real devices without buying new mobile devices;
  • You want to move your office to the cloud and use the office applications from the cloud



We have more then 20 years experience in fields of software design, development and optimization. We can help you to achieve your goals in most efficiant way in following areas:

  • You want to develop new software or extend existing one, but don't know which technologies would be good for the given business needs. We can help you with that. With our help the most appropriate technologies will be selected.
  • Design of new software solution according to your needs. During the design the solution is detailed to the level where the resource estimation can be made. During this phase, the most appropriate technologies are selected in order to have the most cost effective software solution at the end.


Our experienced specialists help you creating a suitable application based on your claims. We specially take care of the course of planning to the new system should suit to your current system.

We apply the most suitable software development model to our developments. We prefer Agile development whenever it is possible, We make the following steps in the majority of cases (in according with applied model):

  • Application claim survey
  • Case-study prepearation
  • Planing (final construction and test plan preparation)
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Installation
  • Maintenance and debugging

Mobile technology

Nowadays it is essencial for almost all businesses to distribute their services or products using smart mobile devices. However, creating such application can be very expensive, if not the right technology and approach is used for the development. Our experienced team can help you to design the application and to choose the right technology and approach in order to have a cost effective application at the end of the project.

 We have deep knowledge for developping using HTML5 technologies and for implementing functionalities (or whole application) on following native platforms:

  •  iOS (iPhone, iPad, iWatch, etc.)
  • Android (Android based mobile devices)
  • WindowsPhone platform